"CRY" (Clark, Robinson, York) is a band that was formed in 1985, as a spin-off group of "The Byrds".

About 20 songs were written and recorded in the mid-80's by the members of CRY along with Nicky Hopkins and various other studio players.

At the time of its inception, Gene Clark, having already written and recorded a wealth of material with partner and co-writer Pat Robinson, was looking to form another band to help him perform his new material.

There were differences amongst the members of "The Byrds" with regards to the use of the "name"and Gene thought the best way to avoid any conflicts was to form another group to record and perform with.

Thus the formation of "CRY".

The group maintained a folk/rock style with the use of acoustic guitars and three part harmony by Clark, York and Robinson.

The group fragmented after the death of Gene Clark in 1991, and the material sat dormant until 1998 when talk about reforming the band began with John, Pat, Carla Olson and Saul Davis Management.

It was decided that Carla Olson would replace Gene Clark as the "C" of CRY and the new group would re-record the original material, for release in 1999.

After the completion of the first record, they would then record another CD, combining more of the existing material, with newly written songs, to progressively take the sound into the 90's.

Currently the group is in the studio, recording tracks for the initial CD, and preparing material for the next one with Shannon O'Neill and "CRY" producing.

Accompanying CRY is Sneaky Pete on steel and Richard Greene on fiddle.

The group is looking for a June release worldwide, and following it with selective promotional touring.

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Thanks to Pat Robinson for this information and lyrics.